Some of James' unique skills


What people think of James Caldwell

Jame’s ability to manage large projects from inception to completion is exemplary. Somehow he manages to keep all stakeholders happy and on track enabling timely delivery.

Luke Moulton

James’ patience and methodical approach makes him a winner in fast growth business environments, where he’s able to provide stability and harmony within a team. His knowledge and experience in managing, tracking and tweaking direct marketing campaigns (especially via e-mail) is exceptional.

Michael McKinnon

James’ grasp of the online world is visionary and brilliant, with significant value to add to any business utilising web technology. He has a direct manner and is goal oriented, and his creativity balanced with superior technical skills have made him a highly effective designer and implementer of strategic web developments; a great companion on AVGs ongoing success story. I have valued our ‘out of the box’ discussions and zestful research of web opportunities and know he will be hard to replace

Billy Day

I thoroughly recommend James to anyone seeking to improve their web presence, enhance their customer’s online experience and drive revenue growth. Highly analytical, persuasive and technically proficient, James maintains an excellent awareness of the latest web marketing technologies, best practice e-commerce, conversion optimisation and email marketing techniques; and proven his ability to implement them to achieve business goals on many occasions. On a personal level, James is a pleasure to work with, and I am confident in his ability to overcome any business challenge set for him.

David Hughan