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One-Tailed Vs. Two-Tailed Tests

Most marketers aren’t statisticians. Most don’t realize that there are actually two ways – so called “one-tailed” versus “two-tailed” tests – to determine whether an experiment’s results are statistically valid. What’s even more confusing is the fact that some testing vendors use one-tailed tests (Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely) while others use two-tailed tests (Adobe Test&Target, […]

The Science and Psychology of Pricing and the Effect on Sales

When it comes to developing a smart ecommerce pricing strategy, there are very important lessons to be learned from behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroeconomics. Researchers in these fields have rigorously tested consumer behavior and have learned how we react to different forms of pricing. These learnings will give you insights into your customer’s minds on a large scale, and […]