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6 Ways To Increase Conversions With Urgency

We are genetically programmed to procrastinate. Though many think the internet causes procrastination, it’s not a novel concept. Procrastination can be traced back to the ancient greeks with a famous quote from Marcus Aurelius. The English word “procrastinate” is based off the latin verb procrastinare. Some of the brightest marketing minds understand this and have been using scarcity […]

One-Tailed Vs. Two-Tailed Tests

Most marketers aren’t statisticians. Most don’t realize that there are actually two ways – so called “one-tailed” versus “two-tailed” tests – to determine whether an experiment’s results are statistically valid. What’s even more confusing is the fact that some testing vendors use one-tailed tests (Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely) while others use two-tailed tests (Adobe Test&Target, […]