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How To Optimize Your Checkout Page For Conversions

So here’s the scenario. You get a new visitor to your eCommerce store. He browses around, finds a product that he likes, and clicks the ‘Buy Now’ button. Hurrah, you just made a sale! But hang on, it’s not over yet. Your customer reaches your checkout page. Suddenly he isn’t so certain about buying your product. […]

Everything you Need to Know About Contact Forms

A good contact page is essential for maintaining relationships with your visitors. Whether we’re talking eCommerce, magazines, personal websites, online services, users will usually seek out a contact page as their first means of communication with you. Oddly enough, many web designers neglect the humble contact page, even considering it one of the least important […]

42 Top Online Web Forms Resources and Guides

Ugly. Frustrating. Confusing. Buggy. These aren’t exactly the terms you want visitors using to describe a key component of your site, but we’ve all seen plenty of web forms (and paper forms for that matter) that deserve those labels – or worse. The potential payoff for optimizing your web forms is huge. In Web Form Design: […]