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How to Turn a Few A/B Tests Into a Revenue-Generating Optimization Program

Even though companies believe in data-driven approaches, many underutilize A/B testing by only running a few per year. While the occasional A/B test is a start, it’s not enough to repeatedly increase revenue and gain compounded conversion lifts. To optimize continuously, organizations must prioritize and invest in a true testing program. According to WhichTestWon, most […]

How Long to Run A/B Tests: the Known and Unknown

Although split testing has become an essential part of any sound digital strategy, many people have misconceptions about the process — especially the amount of time needed to get results.  When relying solely on anecdotes from others, one can easily over- or under-estimate the time needed to reach a statistically sound conclusion. In this post, […]

Optimization: Where to go next?

Online marketing moves fast. Take conversion optimization, for example. A few years ago that term didn’t exist, but today it’s a top priority for savvy organizations including the world’s largest enterprises. This makes sense, given that increasing online conversions—the process of getting more site visitors to become customers, users, or leads—is one of the few areas of […]

The Maths Behind Statistically Significant Sample Sizes

Although a commonly used phrase, there is no such thing as a “statistically significant sample” – it’s the result that can be statistically significant, not the sample. Word-mincing aside, for any study that requires sampling – e.g. surveys and A/B tests – making sure we have enough data to ensure confidence in results is absolutely […]

Statistical Significance: 6 things to know!

Statistical significance is all about whether the difference between two numbers is meaningful or just a fluke. In this post I’ll outline 6 things you need to know to make statistical significance for conversion rate A/B tests and broader analytics data. 1) Exactly what it means “The variation achieved a 20% increase in conversions with […]