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Optimization: Where to go next?

Online marketing moves fast. Take conversion optimization, for example. A few years ago that term didn’t exist, but today it’s a top priority for savvy organizations including the world’s largest enterprises. This makes sense, given that increasing online conversions—the process of getting more site visitors to become customers, users, or leads—is one of the few areas of […]

The Maths Behind Statistically Significant Sample Sizes

Although a commonly used phrase, there is no such thing as a “statistically significant sample” – it’s the result that can be statistically significant, not the sample. Word-mincing aside, for any study that requires sampling – e.g. surveys and A/B tests – making sure we have enough data to ensure confidence in results is absolutely […]

Statistical Significance: 6 things to know!

Statistical significance is all about whether the difference between two numbers is meaningful or just a fluke. In this post I’ll outline 6 things you need to know to make statistical significance for conversion rate A/B tests and broader analytics data. 1) Exactly what it means “The variation achieved a 20% increase in conversions with […]

6 Ways To Increase Conversions With Urgency

We are genetically programmed to procrastinate. Though many think the internet causes procrastination, it’s not a novel concept. Procrastination can be traced back to the ancient greeks with a famous quote from Marcus Aurelius. The English word “procrastinate” is based off the latin verb procrastinare. Some of the brightest marketing minds understand this and have been using scarcity […]

How To Optimize Your Checkout Page For Conversions

So here’s the scenario. You get a new visitor to your eCommerce store. He browses around, finds a product that he likes, and clicks the ‘Buy Now’ button. Hurrah, you just made a sale! But hang on, it’s not over yet. Your customer reaches your checkout page. Suddenly he isn’t so certain about buying your product. […]

6 AB / MVT Testing Pitfalls Which Will Lead You Astray

When performed correctly, A/B testing holds a treasure chest of prospective benefits and profit earning opportunities. The issue, however, is that A/B tests are frequently run or interpreted incorrectly. Many people forget to control the test settings or exaggerate test successes which leads to disappointing long term performance and even detrimental site changes. Here are […]

One-Tailed Vs. Two-Tailed Tests

Most marketers aren’t statisticians. Most don’t realize that there are actually two ways – so called “one-tailed” versus “two-tailed” tests – to determine whether an experiment’s results are statistically valid. What’s even more confusing is the fact that some testing vendors use one-tailed tests (Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely) while others use two-tailed tests (Adobe Test&Target, […]